Animal Kingdom season 5 episode 12 photo: A problem for Pope, Craig

Animal KingdomAnimal Kingdom season 5 episode 12 is set to premiere on TNT this weekend and it goes without saying that this one is huge. There’s only one more installment left on the other side of it and by the end of the hour, there are probably going to be multiple occasions of our jaw on the ground.

So what can we expect to see for Craig and Pope in “Loose Ends”? Based on the photo above, it feels fair to assume there are more problems with the police ahead.

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So who is the person Pope and Craig are talking to here? It’s hard to say without seeing their face, but it’s a reasonably-fair guess that this is none other than Officer Chadwick! Remember for a moment here that Chadwick is the person who is effectively holding them hostage over shooting the DEA Agent. He wants to be paid, and paid rather handsomely for the service that he previously handed down. We imagine that he’ll do everything in his power to continue dangling this over the family.

So while the guys are preparing to deal with this, they also have another order of business, as well — a big heist. They need the money, and because of that, they’re joining forces with Frankie in order to take on one of their riskiest missions of the whole series. It’s going to be even harder when you think about Smurf’s absence; she was the one who specialized in planning a lot of this stuff.

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What do you think is going to happen on Animal Kingdom season 5 episode 12?

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