Yellowstone season 4 spoilers: Who is Summer Higgins?

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As we inch ever closer to the Yellowstone season 4 premiere, it makes sense to talk about key players. You know a lot about the Dutton family already, plus some external threats like Market Equities and potentially even Jamie’s biological father. There are a wide array of different people who are an important part of this world, and so many of them come with their own hidden agenda.

For the sake of this article, we want to dive more into a new character, but someone who will make their presence felt in a big way: Summer Higgins.

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So who is this woman? Played by Covert Affairs alum Piper Perabo, Summer is an activist who shows up in Montana to protest industrialized farming. She’s going to have her voice heard early, and judging from the photo below (via Entertainment Weekly), things are not going to go all that well for her.

What will her relationship be with the Duttons, or other central characters in this story? The producers are keeping some of that under wraps for now, with the reason likely being that they don’t want to give anything away about the aforementioned cliffhanger. If she’s seen talking with John, for example, you know what happens with Kevin Costner’s character.

Perabo does seem to be thrilled to be a part of the Yellowstone world, and she tells the aforementioned website that she’s hoping that her character does not meet some sort of terrible outcome at the end of the story:

“When John Dutton or Rip [Cole Hauser] want to get rid of people, they talk about taking them to the train station … I don’t want to be taken to the train station!”

Summer is going to need to exercise care and patience this season; in the aftermath of what happened with the cliffhanger, we could imagine some folks at the ranch having a little bit of an itchy trigger finger.

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What do you want to see from Summer Higgins over the course of Yellowstone season 4?

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