NCIS season 19 episode 2 title spoilers: What does it mean?

NCIS season 19 poster`There is a lot of mystery surrounding NCIS season 19 episode 2, not that this should come as a shock. This is the episode following the explosive premiere, one that has a lot to dive into when it comes to the status of Mark Harmon as Gibbs. Is he alive? It feels like it, but that doesn’t mean that the character will appear in every episode.

For the sake of this article, what we’d like to do now is offer more details on episode 2 — take, for example, the title of “Nearly Departed.”

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Is that title a reference to Gibbs? It’s easy to speculate on that, given that the character barely survived the events of the boat explosion. Sure, we don’t know what happened after that, but we remain optimistic that he’s still going to be a part of this world in some form. He’s got so much experience that he could prove valuable to the team even if he doesn’t have his badge back. If he makes it through the entire boat saga in one piece, this is also the sort of thing that could make him more reflective on his life. We tend to imagine that being “nearly departed” is the sort of thing that would have a rather seismic impact.

As nervous as we are about what happens to Gibbs, one of the fun things about NCIS season 19 in general is how much we are jumping into the great unknown. There is so little information out there about some of the upcoming stories or even how new cast member Gary Cole is going to arrive. This could lead to a lot of theories and interesting discussion, and these are not often things that you get on a crime procedural!

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