NCIS season 19 promo: Mark Harmon’s Gibbs & a life-or-death crisis!

NCISThis week CBS finally released a full NCIS season 19 promo, and let’s just say that it paints a grim picture for Mark Harmon’s Gibbs.

If you look to the bottom of this article, you can have a good chance to see what we’re talking about here. At the end of season 18 Gibbs’ boat exploded with him on it, and judging from what we see here his team is going to assume the worst — or at least be led down that road. There’s a little bit of evidence out there that Gibbs is presumed dead (they may even find a body!) and with that in mind, they’re all going to be desperately scrambling to try and figure out the truth.

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So what’s really going on here? We wonder if there’s a case to be made that Gibbs faked his own death in order to track a serial killer down, or if said killer wants to do everything they can to convince the team that their one-time boss is gone. No matter, we imagine that a big chunk of this episode will be spent watching the team try and figure out what happened to Gibbs, and that includes consulting with Marcie to get a better sense of the truth. This could be one of the more fascinating mysteries that we’ve had on the show in a while, given that there are questions about Gibbs’ survival alongside the hunt for a killer. There are two different things going on here at once and neither of them are that easy.

While Harmon reportedly will have a reduced presence in season 19, we also have a hard time thinking this is the end for him. We’ll be able to talk about this more in due time.

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