Is Yellowstone season 4 new tonight on Paramount Network, Sept. 5?

YellowstoneIs Yellowstone season 4 new tonight on Paramount Network? Is there new content from the Duttons worth getting hyped about?

If you are watching the network on this Labor Day Weekend, then you are probably seeing an abundance of episodes for the Kevin Costner series. After all, the network is doing what they often tend to do this time of year, which is give you a marathon of every single episode to date. So long as the show remains one of the most popular ones on cable, we have a hard time imagining that this is going to change.

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Unfortunately, there is no new episode at the end of this marathon — if you want that, you’re going to be waiting for a good while in order to see it. How long are we talking? Think in terms of Sunday, November 7, and with a two-hour premiere, no less.

At least while we wait for the show to come back at this point, there are some things to dive into. Take, for example, the full trailer for season 4 that the Paramount Network released a few days ago! This will probably be the only video footage that we see for the next few weeks, but it’s substantial. It gives you a good sense of how the aftermath to the cliffhanger will play out, even if it doesn’t actually answer any questions about the fate of some of your favorites. Clearly, the folks behind the scenes still want some things to linger for a little while.

If you’re watching the marathon this weekend, enjoy it! After all, this may be the last one we get before the show is back on the air.

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What big storyline are you looking forward to the most from Yellowstone season 4?

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