American Horror Story: Double Feature episode 3: Will Mickey transform?

American Horror Story: Double Feature, MickeyTonight on FX American Horror Story: Double Feature episode 3 is going to air, and we’ve got a good feeling already things are gonna get dark.

How dark, precisely? Let’s just say that this show could be looking to transform Mickey into one of the pale, vampire-like creatures we see walking around Provincetown, or at least that is one of the prevailing theories that is out there at present. The teaser below for episode 3 is of course used as some evidence — as is what we saw from Macaulay Culkin’s character across the first two episodes of the show.

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One of the things that is imperative to remember through Double Feature so far is that every person we’ve seen take the black pill has managed to stay “themselves.” Sure, they’ve all turned into cannibals but, by and large, they still retain an element of who they are. Harry and his daughter Alma, for example, are not husks — but will Mickey become one?

In one way, it’d almost be a shame if he did given that it’d probably mean less in the way of dialogue for Culkin. Yet, there’s also a case to be made that we need one of these “vampires” to actually stand out; otherwise, they’re all completely disposable and we have zero reason to care about them other than jump-scares.

Since this is a Double Feature, things are going to need to move quickly; it’s still unclear if there is a tangible connection between this first half “Red Tide” and the second part of the season “Death Valley.”

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What do you think is going to be happening on American Horror Story: Double Feature episode 3?

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