Power Book III: Raising Kanan episode 2: Is D-Wiz dead?

Raising KananWhat did we see on Power Book III: Raising Kanan episode 2 this weekend? Another cruel reminder that in this world, terrible things happen and happen fast. (Warning: There are spoilers ahead.)

Early on in the episode, Raq realized that she was going to need to take an “eye for an eye” philosophy when it comes to her relationship with Unique. After Kanan killed one of Unique’s guys in Buck Twenty, he wasn’t going to be satisfied until another body hit the ground. That’s something she was acutely aware of no matter what he said or how much responsibility he had over his crew.

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Raq’s decision was the key moment of the whole hour: She had to take out someone from her own side and in this case, it was D-Wiz. This was someone who could be pointed to as “responsible” for what happened to Buck, even if it was Kanan who pulled the trigger. What happened to him was heartbreaking. Lou-Lou is the one who put the bullet in his head but before that, he gave him a nicety — a night that he wouldn’t soon forget, provided he survived. D-Wiz may not be a major character in the Power universe moving forward but in the end, it doesn’t matter.

How this shapes the future of Kanan is that it’s a direct consequence to what he did; he’s going to understand further the brutality of this world, and that will help to shape him into who he becomes down the road.

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