Big Brother 23 live feed spoilers: After the nominations…

FrenchieThe nomination ceremony happened a little bit earlier today in the Big Brother 23 house, so do you want to get a sense of what happened next? Let’s just say things got messy — really messy. Frenchie does not know what he’s doing and there is comedy aplenty that goes along with that.

If you missed it, Kyland and Alyssa are on the block and if they stay there, Alyssa will probably go. What’s even more bizarre is Frenchie straight-up saying this more or less in a conversation where both Alyssa and Christian were there! He’s also mentioned to Christie that he was the target — why do this?

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Frenchie’s biggest problem this whole week is vastly overthinking his plan. We understand the idea of getting a physical guy out of the house, but he should’ve just taken the shot with the nominations and gone with Travis/Derek X. since Christian now has immunity. Or, why not go after Brent since he’s clearly a smooth talker? By putting up pawns, he’s going to have those people after him plus Christian, plus also people like Sarah Beth who he asked to be a pawn previously!

Frenchie has made a whole mess of things and while it seems like he wants Kyland to be removed from the block if he wins the Veto, who knows what will happen between now and then? It feels like the overall target has changed a few times — it seemed like Travis was the “Big Fish” Frenchie wanted gone earlier, but Derek X. now has the target on him.

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