American Horror Stories trailer: Santa Claus, Matt Bomer, & Tipper Gore?

American Horror Stories

Today FX on Hulu debuted the official trailer for American Horror Stories leading up to its July 15 premiere — and yea, it’s pretty awesome. If you wanted this show to be weird, creative, and outside the box, you are going to get exactly what you asked for.

Without further ado, why not take a look at the new trailer below? The first thing to remember here is that each one of these episodes will be its own self-contained entity (much like Black Mirror). It’s a good thing since otherwise, this entire season would make no sense. At one point in this preview, you have former Second Lady Tipper Gore. At another, you have a potentially-evil Santa Claus played by Danny Trejo. There are some familiar franchise faces present in here including John Carroll Lynch and Matt Bomer, and there’s a part of us that wonders if some of these ideas are trial runs for future seasons of the flagship show? If not that, they could have follow-ups down the road in future seasons.

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With American Horror Stories, it’s clear that Ryan Murphy and the whole team is looking to do for horror what Black Mirror did for science fiction. They want these episodes to stand out and be talked about for years to come. The largest challenge here is just how saturated the market is within horror to begin with. What are fully-unique ideas that haven’t been done before either in films or on American Horror Story itself? If an idea is fairly familiar, you have to offer up a twist to make things stand out.

Remember that American Horror Stories is available exclusively on Hulu — you can’t get it on FX proper. We think this could be one of the most successful shows of the Hulu collaboration; after almost two years after the most recent season of the flagship show, we’re all eager to dive into some scares again.

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What are you hoping to see on American Horror Stories when it premieres?

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