Big Brother 23: About Alyssa Lopez — swimwear line, gameplay, & more

Alyssa Lopez - Big BrotherWhat’s there to be excited about with Alyssa Lopez as a part of Big Brother 23There are a few different reasons why she’s worth spotlighting. She’s a longtime fan of the show apparently, she’s applied multiple times, and she has a sound reasoning as to why she wants to play.

Yet, we also wonder this: Will her attempts to build a brand in some ways compromise how she wants to play? She’s a perfect example of a lot of the apprehension that modern-day players may have when it comes to their perception on the outside.

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For those who are not aware, Alyssa is the co-founder of Molliebird Swimwear, and that is something we’re sure we will hear more about on the live feeds this season. She’s got a web presence across many platforms and with that, she may be a little more aware than her average houseguest. Will that help or hurt her? That remains to be seen. It may help her to be more socially savvy in the game, but we want to see her embrace the dark side if it helps her win! That’s one of the question marks we have about her.

What gives us hope for Alyssa gameplay-wise is that she is fond of the style that Tyler utilized in season 20, one where he found a way to control other people and did what he felt necessary to win — even if that meant lying. Tyler came out of the house generally well-liked by America, and the same could very well happen for Alyssa. She actually does want to win the first Head of Household, and that makes some sense given that it’s worked out for a number of other players as of late.

We do think Alyssa’s got a good chance to make it fairly far, or at least so long as she doesn’t play too hard right away and uses her social game to the max.

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