America’s Got Talent video: YouTube star Madilyn Bailey auditions!

America's Got Talent - Season: 16, Madilyn BaileyOn Tuesday night’s new episode of America’s Got Talentyou are going to see another person audition who may be familiar already to some of you. Madilyn Bailey is a popular singer on YouTube, as many of her covers and original songs have more than a million views each. One of her most-famous videos is her performing a song constructed only of hate comments, and that is precisely what she is performing for the judges in the video below.

There’s no denying that this is a funny concept — it’d be one thing if she was just spouting off random comments, but the real charm here comes in Bailey’s ability to mold them all together with a consistent melody. There’s a sense of humor to the song for sure, but it’s actually rather catchy at the same time!

We do understand that AGT is under some backlash this year for casting a lot of people with a certain degree of fame already — comedians Josh Blue and Sklar Brothers, for example, have been singing for years, while singer Brooke Simpson made it extremely far on The Voice. The truth here is that a lot of the strongest talent out there has already been discovered in one platform or another, and the show doesn’t want to limit itself by only finding complete diamonds in the rough. Also, they’re banking on the fact that the majority of their viewers probably haven’t heard of some of these people even though some have.

We’ll be honest — we didn’t know who Madilyn Bailey was before hearing this audition, and we say this as we have our own YouTube Channel that we’re fairly active on. (While you’re here, why not go ahead and SUBSCRIBE?) We’re happy that Madilyn is getting a chance to do this show and hopefully, she’ll be able to make even more fans through however long she’s a part of it.

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