Yellowstone season 4: Why was the premiere date ‘delayed’ until fall?

YellowstoneWhy was Yellowstone season 4 pushed back? There’s a chance that you’ve seen the news now that new episodes are not airing until fall. That’s absolutely a surprise to some out there, given that the first three seasons all dominated in the ratings.

To many people out there, the sudden announcement about the premiere today is going to feel like a delay — but was it ever planned to come out this summer at all?

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One thing that the Paramount Network has been over the past few weeks is extremely careful in their messaging. The only thing that they ever confirmed was that season 4 was premiering in 2021 — that could mean June, but it could also mean September or October. Because they never made any concrete promises, it put them in an easier position to do what they have now in announcing the fall date.

If we are looking at why the show isn’t airing in the summer, there are probably one or two reasons.

Last-minute filming – We know that there was a small amount of footage compiled last month, over half a year after the rest of the season finished filming. Maybe this caused the premiere to be pushed back, though we would think there would’ve still been time to edit this into the show.

Real Estate – We think that this is more of why the network did what they did. Think about it — save for NFL football, is there any big threat on television this fall on Sunday nights? This summer has July 4 on a Sunday plus the Summer Olympics plus people going out and doing things outside for the first time in more than a year. That’s a lot of reasons why the ratings could have fallen and if you’re the network, you want the biggest and best performance possible here. The fall could offer that.

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What are you most hoping to see on Yellowstone season 4?

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