ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 5: More on the return of Beckett’s [spoiler]

STANA KATICIt’s been a while since we have seen Beckett’s therapist turn up on an episode of “Castle,” and as a matter of fact, the last time that it happened was when Stana Katic’s character was a single woman. So what is bringing Michael Dorn back to the show? Well, let’s just say that it has to do with the arrival of another man into her life: Senator Bracken (Jack Coleman), who is the man responsible for her mother’s death.

So what causes Bracken to re-enter the picture, and find herself having a sort of emotional breakdown? Speaking in a new interview with TV Guide on this very subject, here is what executive producer Andrew W. Marlowe had to say:

“A murder seems to lead to his doorstep and Kate thinks this her opportunity to finally get the man who was responsible for her mother’s murder behind bars … Nothing is as it seems. The case leads us into really interesting moral territory for our character.”

Considering the magnitude of this story, you can pretty much expect this to be a plotline that plays out primary during the February sweeps, which is of course a time when these sort of stories tend to hit their zenith. The one question that remains here is just whether or not Beckett is going to be able to pull this off, or if Coleman will remain out there open to a future return. While we’d love to see the Senator behind bars, it also makes for compelling television to still have the adversary floating around out there.

Are you hopefully that this will be the time that Bracken goes down? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and you can read more about the show’s January 7 return over at the link here.

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