Big Brother 23 official key art: What is CBS going for here?

Big Brother 23With the premiere of Big Brother 23 coming to CBS on July 7, we’re starting to get into the time when promotion goes into high gear! We’re probably still a week/week and a half out from a major cast reveal at the earliest, but this week, the network has shared their first official key art the all-new season.

In terms of the theme, there’s really not a lot to take away from this. Yet, that doesn’t stop us from asking a TON of questions.

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Take, for example, what’s with the overall aesthetic. We know that this is meant to represent California, or maybe even the area around the Big Brother house. Yet, for a split second you could look at the sky and think this is almost prehistoric.

Also, let’s talk about perspective for a moment. The height of the grass makes the Big Brother logo look rather small in comparison, almost like it’s actually a fairly small stone in a rather large backyard. With this interpretation, Julie Chen Moonves is actually towering over the logo at a distance. She’s holding the key, but where is the house? Or, is she meant to be standing atop of some weird, stone replicate of the house — and if that’s the case, where is the key?

What we’re trying to say here is fairly simple: This key art is totally weird and makes no sense when you think about it. Then again, it’s probably not meant to make a whole lot of sense. Ultimately, it’s just to present a new era of the show following the lukewarm reception to Big Brother All-Stars. If we have a great cast and a fun season, the last thing people will care about is a logo or a poster.

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What do you most want to see when it comes to Big Brother 23?

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