The Handmaid’s Tale season 4 finale spoilers: What is Janine’s mission?


In just over 24 hours from the time of this writing, The Handmaid’s Tale season 4 finale will be on Hulu! There are a number of stories to wrap up, but we also have to remember that some may still feel incomplete. There’s at least one more season to this journey, after all!

When you think about the character of Janine, it’s hard to imagine a way in which every part of her arc ties together. We only recently learned that she is still alive and back in Gilead; now, we are seeing her working alongside Mrs. Keyes in order to help her survive. We’re waiting for that big moment where she finds a way to strike back against her oppressors and gets her freedom; yet, that could take a little bit of time. This is the long game and when it comes to Janine she’s easily one of the most adaptable characters on this show.

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In speaking about her storyline and the budding bond between Janine and Esther, here is some of what actress Madeline Brewer had to say to Grazia:

I think that what happens in those episodes…I didn’t want to go too far back to the Janine that we knew. But ultimately we are back in Gilead, and those layers of Janine that she’d put back on had to come off, some of them, you know, as a means of her survival. But, we see a Janine, especially with Esther, now there is purpose. She sees her purpose. She sees how she can help, and she didn’t know until we were escaping Gilead — Janine didn’t know how much she can help and how useful she really is. I mean, I always go back to Episode 1 of Season 4: Janine’s the one who sticks June with the curling iron, you know? She’s the one who does some of the tough jobs. Janine’s the one who says, This is how I can help, this is what I can do. And I think she sees Esther [Mckenna Grace] and thinks, I know that girl and I can help that girl. I know that girl from before, but also I know that girl because I was her. I can help her before she becomes me.

Be prepared to see Janine continue to guide Esther along in the finale — the two are still within a precarious situation, but with the right cooperation they could be prepared to fight back in season 5!

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