Walker episode 13: Is Hoyt really dead? Jared Padalecki on what’s next

Walker season 1We knew entering tonight’s Walker episode 13 that a major event was going to go down — it was hard not to expect that, given the previews! The idea of losing an important character was very-much on the table and yet, we still had hope that everyone would survive.

Unfortunately, much of that hope was dashed with Hoyt’s death in this episode. The Rodeo Kings shot Liam, but it’s Matt Barr’s character who ends up paying the ultimate price. This is hard for him, given that so much of this story to date was centered around the death of Emily; now, another trauma is piled on top of that for the title character.

So how will he move forward following this? Speaking to Entertainment Weekly on the subject, here is some of what Jared Padalecki had to say:

“That’s yet another person that Walker loves and holds dear and has for many, many years that seems to be lost and gone because of what Walker does in some way shape, or form … I think with the death of Emily [Genevieve Padalecki], Walker opted to live in denial. Now that it’s Emily and Hoyt he finally goes, ‘Okay something has to change, and that something has to be me.’ It finally becomes real. He can’t deny it. It’s time for real, dramatic change.”

So what will that change look like? This is what Walker will have to examine, and we don’t quite think he’ll have a firm answer over the next episode or two. These things take time and can’t be rushed — that’s especially the case when you’ve been living a certain way for an extended period of time.

Walker is fundamentally a show about family, and we’re going to see that unit be there for each other moving forward. They will have to be in order to make it through.

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What did you think about the events of Walker episode 13?

Are you shocked that Hoyt is dead, and where do you think things are going to go from here? Be sure to let us know in the comments, and come back around for some other updates. (Photo: The CW.)

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