Is Floriana Lima leaving A Million Little Things, role of Darcy Cooper?

Darcy. Million Little Things

Is Floriana Lima leaving A Million Little Things following the season 3 finale? How much should you be worried?

The answer to how worried should we be seems to be “a little.” After all, the writers have set up the Darcy character in a way where an exit feels feasible. She has a potential new career position elsewhere and, for now, she’s thinking about making the trip. That could easily mean big changes for her relationship with Gary, and cut her off from much of the rest of the show. While it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of her on the show for good, it could mean the end of Lima as a series regular.

Yet, it’s better not to jump to any conclusions about Darcy’s future given that there are still two episodes to go this season (airing on Wednesday night). In a new post on Twitter, showrunner DJ Nash responded to a suggestion that Darcy won’t be a part of next season in a rather simple way: “Who said that?!”. Sure, that’s not 100% confirmation that Lima is sticking around, but the easy interpretation of it is “don’t believe everything you read or hear.” There’s still a good chance that Darcy has a significant role to play coming up; would you be able to predict at the end of season 2 where most of the main characters are now? Think the same thing for Darcy in season 4.

We know that from our perspective, her struggles with PTSD make her a powerful and important part of this show, and we’d like to see her integrated with as many different people in the cast as possible. Her scenes don’t have to be with just Katherine or Gary, and they could continue to expand outward in all directions.

For now, we’ll get our full answer on the question of Darcy’s future in just over 24 hours. If you want to see more information on what to expect, visit the link here.

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