Mare of Easttown finale: Who was the real murderer?

Mare of EasttownWe knew that the Mare of Easttown finale was going to contain some sort of big, devastating twist — we just weren’t sure what it would be.

Yet, around the 45-minute mark of episode 7, we figured out just what it was, and that it was tied to Ryan of all people. Even though he was just a kid, it turned out that he was the killer all along. In order to protect him his family was willing to do just about anything; it just didn’t work. The shock of Mare realizing the truth was one thing; another thing was Ryan recognizing the moment Kate Winslet’s character figured it out. He admitted to Mare everything, whether it be his dad’s secret relationship, a confrontation the two had, and then some of the aftermath of it.

After Ryan’s confession, Mare of Easttown went full crime procedural and gave us a full reenactment of what happened. The kid was desperate to keep his family together, especially after his father’s first affair caused his parents so much pain. He meant to intimidate Erin with the gun, and not so much kill her; yet, after a struggle the shot went off. Then, he tried his best to distance himself from everything that happened. He then looped his dad into some of it; hence what his dad tried to earlier on in the episode.

Will this be a satisfying finale for people out there? That all depends on expectations. For now, though, we think that this was a powerful way to end this show; it makes some sense, and there were just enough red herrings to keep us guessing from start to finish. We also think that this finale cemented further that it wasn’t just about who was the killer — it was about the how, why, and the aftermath.

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