NCIS season 18 episode 15: How was Katrina Law’s debut as Knight?

NCIS - Katrina LawTonight’s NCIS season 18 episode 15 marked the debut of Katrina Law as NCIS Special Agent Jessica Knight, and we spent enough time with her to get a good impression of who she was — plus also what she brings to the table.

The first thing that we can say about Knight is this: She’s ambitious. Very ambitious. After some other REACT agents were killed in an explosion, she did everything within her power to get results. That meant trying to leave the office early and refusing to “cry on the couch.” We feel like there’s a lot of classic NCIS in this character, whether it be her tenacity or her interest in occasionally breaking the rules. Quick advice to Knight, though — don’t sit at Gibbs’ desk!

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For most of the episode, Jessica worked with McGee, Torres, and the rest of the NCIS team to figure out what happened to some of her colleagues — we don’t think it’s much of a shock that they succeeded in their quest. Along the way, though, we had a number of fantastic scenes. We love the duo of Jessica and Nick out in the field, and we absolutely didn’t expect to get emotional watching her with Palmer. Because of what happened with Breena’s death earlier this season, he was someone who could understand her grief. The funeral itself for the fallen agents also offered up some waterworks.

It’s hard to debut a new character on NCIS, especially when there are concerns that they are there to simply replace someone else you love. Luckily, Knight felt different enough from other cast members to shine, while still feeling like a great fit within the NCIS world. This was a great start for the character and Law played her brilliant — we just gotta see where things go from here, and how she fits in when the case isn’t all about her.

We know that Katrina will be present for at least one more episode; beyond that, there are potential plans to make her a series regular for season 19.

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