The Rookie season 3 finale: Was Angela Lopez kidnapped at her wedding?

We’ll be honest here — entering The Rookie season 3 finale on ABC Monday, it was hard to predict at all what was going to happen. Lives could be in danger! Yet, there was also promotion suggesting that we’d see Lopez’s wedding at the end of the hour. We were very much afraid that something crazy was going to unfold at the end of all of it.

Yet, by the time we closed in on the end of the hour, we were seeing stories about something borrowed and something blue. It actually did feel like we were going to have a nice, happy finale with some vows. Oh, and possible a moment between Chen and Bradford. They did have a conversation before the ceremony, one where he wanted to ensure that he got a dance with her. Isn’t that sweet?

Well, now comes the pain. La Fiera escaped and, in the closing seconds, we learned that she and her henchmen kidnapped Lopez. She’s gone. Is she dead? We have a hard time thinking that. If they wanted to kill her, they had ample opportunity to do that. It feels very-much right now like there is a different motive behind what is happening and that’s something we’ll see play out more on the season 4 premiere.

Given that the writers didn’t know they’d be coming back when they wrote this ending, it’s about as big and bold of a cliffhanger as you can get. We obviously need to learn what happens with Angela but, beyond that, we have questions aplenty when it comes to Lucy and Bradford! Also, how does Nolan’s wedding date go? They’ve intentionally left a lot open and we have to imagine season 4 will start immediately where season 3 left off.

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