NCIS season 18 episode 13: Did a court case cost Gibbs his job?

NCISTonight on NCIS season 18 episode 13, Jethro Gibbs had a decision like no other to make — to testify or not testify. He wanted to stop Parker James, a man who stole millions of dollars from Navy sailors.

Of course, Gibbs was the sort of guy who wanted to get justice no matter what. Hence, him deciding to take the stand knowing full well that doing so could end his career forever. His arrest was used against him and for that reason, his testimony was not deemed credible and Parker James was found not guilty … at least for now.

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Yet, and in true Gibbs fashion, he still found a way to ensure the bad guy went down — with the help of the team, of course! It was fun watching this case unfold, but at the same time, we couldn’t help but wish that there was a little bit more time to tell some of these stories. The court case felt rushed, almost as though the writers were trying to cram a lot in within a reasonably short period of time.

What we’re mostly interested in now is this: Will Vance consider bringing Gibbs back to the team now? With his arrest so out in the open, it’s hard to know how much longer the dark cloud around him will stick. The show doesn’t feel the same without him leading the team, but it’s also clear that he wants to be accountable for his actions. It’s almost at an impasse, and we just keep waiting for someone to make a move that could turn things around.

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