NBC’s ‘The Voice’ finale. What Nicholas David, Cassadee Pope need to do to win

The VoiceWith the finale for NBC’s “The Voice” rapidly approaching, now is the time that we have to ask all of our key questions, including just what some of these contestants have to do if they want a shot at winning the competition. You already know based on our contestant rankings that Cassadee Pope is the favorite to win the season by a pretty wide margin, but that does not necessarily mean that all hope is lost for everyone else. It just means that they have to work that much harder.

Cassadee Pope – If she wants to win, her objective should really be simple: be sure to give her voting block exactly what they are looking for, while also using a song to lure in new fans and surprise people. Now is not the time to do a song by Avril Lavigne, Alanis Morissette, or any of the other established female rock artists of the past twenty artists. This is the time to be creative, so perhaps taking on a male rock song, twisting it, and then pairing it up with something folksy (maybe even a Bob Dylan song) could be the way for her to seal the competition in her favor.

Nicholas David – Show voters that there are some more sides to you that they haven’t quite seen, and this means just staying away from Mravin Gaye, Barry White, or any classic soul singers of the 1960s. You’re clearly a talent, so now the objective has to be proving that you are also an artist as you did with “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” He needs to take on another hugely popular song and give it a twist that makes it feel completely new and fresh.

Terry McDermott – It’s really hard to give Terry any more recommendations, mostly because we’re not quite sure anything will work outside of him just staying to his rock roots. This has what has gotten him this far, and he’s faltered when he has deviated from it. Therefore, this is really just going to be all about song choice. He needs to find the right iconic songs here and just sing the living daylights out of them; with the fanbase that Cassadee has, this is really his only chance.

What do you think each of the three finalists has to do in order to have their best shot at winning? We want to hear your thoughts below, and you can read more news pertaining to our “Voice” rankings over at the link here.

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