Snowfall season 4 episode 6 promo: Will Leon surrender?

LeonNext week on Snowfall season 4 episode 6, we’re going to see even more of the fallout when it comes to Franklin and Leon. Of course, it goes without saying that things are going to be messy.

Think back to what happened last night. Franklin refused to turn on his longtime friend, even if the two have been on the outs as of late both personally and professionally. This means that both Skully and Manboy could each be coming after him, unless he finds some sort of solution to this problem … regardless of however difficult that could be.

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In the promo below for episode 5, one of the big questions you’re left to wonder is whether or not Leon will turn himself in. It’s something that Franklin seems to be encouraging, and maybe that is due to the presence of law enforcement breathing down his neck. Leon was identified after the shooting; everyone in the city is after him! Franklin’s obviously concerned over all of this, but so is Teddy. He doesn’t want any dots at all connecting back to him or the operation that he has going on. He’s going to do whatever he can in order to cover some of his tracks.

Eventually, something’s gotta give for Franklin. While he’s done a good job of protecting himself, at the same time he has to figure out that he can’t keep his friends, his family, and also his business empire safe. He has to prepare himself for even more obstacles to come his way.

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