Why did Giacomo Gianniotti leave Grey’s Anatomy, DeLuca character?

MerlucaWhy did Giacomo Gianniotti leave Grey’s Anatomy, and his prominent role of Andrew DeLuca, after the midseason premiere? At this point, it’s certainly a fair question to wonder given the character’s overall popularity.

As it turns out, though, this was not a decision that Giacomo had much say in, and it certainly wasn’t an exit prompted by a desire to leave. This was instead a creative decision, something that was dictated by the writers’ room long in advance.

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Speaking via TVLine, Gianniotti explained how he reacted to hearing from the show’s executive producers Debbie Allen and Krista Vernoff that DeLuca would be meeting his demise:

I said, “Can you tell me more?” and Krista started talking about how much people had connected to the human trafficking story from last season and that everybody was begging for it to be wrapped up. So they said, “We all thought it was very clear that we need that storyline to come back, and it would be great if we could catch that human trafficker and show that people like that can be stood up to.” In that was an opportunity for DeLuca to be brave and die as a hero. So even though it’s a tragic loss, he’s stopping this trafficking.

Ultimately, Andrew did have a chance to die a hero, though we know this death will cast a very wide shadow. It’s ultimately hard for it not to, all things considered. Andrew’s sister Carina will likely mourn for some time, as will Meredith if she ever comes out of her battle with the virus. There is a lot of despair right now in this world, and that is what makes this hard — there is also a sad irony knowing that the one major character who died this season didn’t tie because of the global health crisis. It could have happened five years ago as easily as it happened today.

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