SEAL Team season 4 episode 8: Why was Jason Hayes arrested?

SEAL Team season 3 episode 6SEAL Team loves entering a hiatus with a big cliffhanger, and tonight, we got that courtesy of Jason Hayes’ shocking arrest.

In the closing minutes of this article, we saw David Boreanaz’s character booked under suspicion of manslaughter. It’s an enormous twist given that the character only recently returned to the field, and was already having to adjust to new rules working under Ray. When you consider this arrest, it’s clear that everything could fall apart for Jason, and sooner rather than later. We’re also still trying to pick up the pieces of what led to this arrest and how he will pick up the pieces.

So what do we make of this story? Our jaw is still on the floor, and it does feel like things are going to get even crazier from here on out. Speaking via TV Insider, here is some of what AJ Buckley (Sonny) had to say about this twist:

It gets very A Few Good Men. It brings up a lot of stuff we’ve seen in the headlines of late and rules of engagement, rules of war. We have rules as American soldiers but you’re playing against a team that doesn’t have rules. It was cool talking to some of the guys about, how do you work in that environment when there is no rules on the other side? You just have to play by our team’s integrity and honor. It’s a great couple episodes that come out.

There are likely a number of parts of this past operation that will be examined with a fine-toothed comb, whether it be specific strategic choices to the end result of them. Buckley is right in that we’ve seen stories like this play out in the headlines before; the difference is that we’re in a fictional world not where we like to view Jason as a hero. Yet, does that mean that all of his actions are heroic? These are two very distinct things.

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