Snowfall season 4 episode 3: Can Franklin & Leon make amends?

SnowfallEntering Snowfall season 4 episode 3, there are obviously a ton of things we’re hoping for. Take, for example, a chance for Gustavo and Teddy to get revenge, or for someone to stop the escalating gang war between Manboy and Scully.

Let’s not think large-scale here, though, in terms of conflicts: What we want to see happen is something a little bit smaller. We want Franklin and Leon on the same page again.

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Do we understand the reasons for the conflict? Sure. Leon feels betrayed and there’s a part of him intent on trying to prove himself. Hence, him going it alone for the second episode of the season. Yet, we think that he’s realizing already some of the pitfalls that come along with that.

Franklin, meanwhile, may be realizing the challenges of not having Leon as one of his most-important people. It’s rare to find people you can trust, and it’s rare to find people who are capable of filling their role. It’s almost impossible to have both, and that is something Leon is capable of being. Franklin may not know it yet, but he needs him 100%. We hope that as this season progresses, the two can see through their differences and find their way back.

Are there going to be bigger threats and larger focuses? Absolutely, especially with the scale of the problem that Franklin is looking to confront. Yet, in the end we do hope that amidst the chaos and the high stakes, the writers remember that Snowfall is about relationships. Leon is a north star for Franklin; he’s going to allow him to be who he ultimately needs to.

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