NCIS: Los Angeles season 12 episode 12 video: How Callen finds Anna

NCIS: Los AngelesClearly, the folks over at NCIS: Los Angeles want you to be as excited as possible for this weekend’s new episode — and also nervous. How can you watch the sneak peek below and be anything other than nervous?

We know entering this episode that Callen is finally going to come into contact with Anna after searching for her the past couple of weeks. Yet, how he discovers her is not exactly what he would suspect. It doesn’t seem as though he was actually hunting for Bar Paly’s character when he sees her. Instead, he and Rountree were following up on a tip from Hetty when they stumbled upon a place stuffed with Russian agents.

So why is Anna there? What is really going on here? We like to think that we’ve seen enough of NCIS: Los Angeles over the years to assume that nothing is 100% what it seems on the surface. There are probably a few twists in here that you would not expect, and we wouldn’t be shocked if Anna is doing some sort of double-dealing here to get what she wants.

As for why she wouldn’t clue in Callen to some of her plans, the simple answer here is that she may have anticipated his reaction. If she thought that he would interfere, then maybe she shied away and came up with a lie. She may think that this job is necessary.

For the time being, we are trying to live in a world where Anna wouldn’t do anything to intentionally hurt Callen. With that in mind, we’re looking at this situation and (still) trying to hope for the best. That’s not always easy when you have danger around every corner, but we don’t think NCIS: LA is trying to depress us at this point in the show’s run.

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