MacGyver season 5 episode 9 sneak peek: Is Mac taking on too much?

MacGyverMacGyver season 5 episode 9 is coming onto CBS tomorrow night, and just like you would have imagined, things are going to get crazy — very crazy. How much so? Let’s just say that at one point over the course of this hour, you’re going to see Lucas Till’s character scaling a cliff in order to make it to a tower. It’s the latest effort against Codex, which is still out there in some shape or form.

Yet, here’s the thing: Mac didn’t necessarily have to be the one to scale the cliff. This is something that Desi was more than capable of doing, or at least that’s what she claims in the sneak peek below. She has a conversation in here with Riley about Mac, and makes it clear that he does try to take on too much sometimes. Because he cares so much about everyone, he always wants to be the one who makes sure that they are okay.

Desi also explains that a lot of how he feels is dictated heavily by what’s been going on with him as of late. Think in terms of him losing his Aunt Gwen, his father, and then also Jack, who no one even knew was in danger. This puts him in a position where he is all the more desperate to hold onto the people he does still have in his life, even if that means endangering himself along the way.

So will Mac may be able to succeed in his quest? We have to imagine so, given that MacGyver isn’t the show that it is without the title character. Of course, we do hope that at some point moving forward, we do have a chance to see him relax a little bit and remember that he has a team. They can all do more to help him, both in terms of missions and also emotionally.

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