9-1-1 season 4 episode 5: How Buck’s brother Daniel died

BuckDid we have a lot of questions entering 9-1-1 season 4 episode 5 all about Buck’s late brother Daniel? Absolutely, but one stood out above the others: How did the character die?

The first thing that is worth noting here is rather simple: We feel for Buck. This was a difficult situation to watch, since the character wanted nothing more than to be loved by his parents. However, things did quite work out precisely how he expected. It turns out that his parents had Buck in order to ensure that they had a donor for a bone marrow transplant — they wanted to save Daniel. When Daniel died, though, he served as a means for them to project their pain. He was never told about what happened, but so much of his life was informed by this one important part of it.

Now that he knows this, can the healing begin? Maybe, but the answer to that is complicated. It has to be. We know that you don’t just recover from something like this overnight, but it was nice to see the episode end with Buck and his sister Maddie on the same page. She showed him via her kept photos how much he meant to her, and we saw their relationship and play out over the years.

Family can be many things — it can be your blood, but it can also be the people you love. With Maddie, he has both — and he’s lucky to have a firefighter family all around him. They can offer him all sorts of love and support at just about every turn.

“Buck Begins” was another fantastic origin episode, and it’s another reminder that this show excels with backstory in a way that few others do.

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