Is Aria Shahghasemi leaving Legacies, & is Landon gone for good?

LandonIs Aria Shahghasemi leaving Legacies following the events of Thursday’s episode? We know that the show loves us asking questions about Landon’s fate. It’s ultimately rather hard not to.

At the end of tonight’s episode, we saw the Landon character effectively reduced to a puddle … or that was, at least, what the writers seemingly showed us in the closing minutes. There are technically questions out there about whether that was Landon or actually Malivore, but we want to believe more of the former … largely because the other scenario is too awful to imagine.

Landon’s “exit” now leaves Hope in a position where she is desperate to find him, and there is a part of this that feels familiar. It feels like something terrible happens to Aria’s character every single season and yet, he finds a way to make it through. That’s why we have a hard time buying into the notion that this is going to be the thing that takes Landon out. We’ve already seen Hope in the promo for next week doing everything within her power. After just losing Rafael on the show recently, we have a hard time thinking that we’re about to lose another familiar face, as well.

Ultimately, what we think tonight’s ending represents more than anything is that in the world of the Salvatore School, nothing ever comes easy. Right when you start to think you’ve reached a moment of pure happiness, something else comes up and causes some chaos. It’s a near-constant roller coaster and you have to be prepared for that at just about every turn. We don’t know if Hope will ever have too much of an opportunity to be happy, given that conflict is always a driving force for a show like this.

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