Chicago Fire interview: Jesse Spencer, Taylor Kinney on Casey, Severide evolution

Jesse Spencer

There are many things about Chicago Fire worth celebrating almost a decade into the show’s run — there’s the characters, the action, and the overall sense of community.

Near the top of the list for us though has to be the evolution of some of these characters. Think about the rivalry that existed with Casey and Severide early on in the series’ run — then, think about where the two characters are today. It’s quite a change, no? They live together and they have one of the most important friendships within all of One Chicago. They trust each other, and can rely on each other. The journey to get here wasn’t always easy, but it is absolutely rewarding in the end.

So what sparked the change between these two over the years? During the recent One Chicago Day celebration, show star Taylor Kinney talked about it to CarterMatt in the following terms:

“I think a lot of it’s maturity. You put the nonsense aside and be like ‘we’re better if we have each other’s back than if we keep this competition running.’

“These two aren’t the best at talking about their feelings … They’re not very long-winded verbally (laughs), but the gesture is always there. It could be as simple as ‘hey Casey, if you don’t have a place to stay, you can stay with me.’ You see them evolve and become more mature in their relationship as co-workers and friends. They’re like brothers.

“If they disagree with each other, yeah they’ll punch each other in the head here and there (laughs) … but I like being able to play those scenes where even when it’s minimal, they’re still able to hash things out and get a read on each other. They’re able to understand what someone is saying without saying it.”

Fellow star Jesse Spencer (pictured above) agrees, noting that time has really helped the two of them evolve from who they were previously:

“They’ve settled into themselves and they make a really good team. The fat has been cut off — do you know what I mean? They have each other as a solid relationship and Taylor’s great to work with. Now, they can lean on each other and have conversations about each others’ ‘girl problems’ … They don’t get super-deep about it, but they can be like (uses bro voice) ‘what’s going on with you bro?’ (switches voice) ‘I dunno bro, what’s up with you?’

“Sometimes, it’s superficial, but that’s all they need. They’re there for each other! They’re good friends and they live with each other.

Bonus Tease

Spencer noted that coming up, Casey and Severide are “going to end up doing a lot of cases together with OFI … There’s going to be a couple of fire-cop moments coming up.”

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