Big Sky episode 8 spoilers: Cassie confronts Legarski

In just a matter of hours Big Sky episode 8 is poised to arrive on ABC, and you better believe things are going to go off the rails. How could they not when you consider the present circumstances?

Let’s start things off with what we know for certain at the moment — Rick Legarski is somehow still alive. We know what he was doing in running that trafficking ring, and for a time, Cassie assumed that he was likely gone. That’s somehow not the case. He’s still hospitalized within this episode, and Cassie finds herself in a position where she needs to talk with him. Hence, her going into the hospital in disguise, getting into his room, and then making it clear that she was the one who shot him.

What does Cassie want from Rick? The remains to be seen, but we know that someone needs to be able to properly identify Ronald. This guy is still out there; not only that, but he is on even more of a rampage than ever. He just got done murdering his own mother and through that, he is of the belief that killing may be the only way he gets out of this situation. It’s pretty clear at this point that he is willing to do or say anything to ensure his freedom. A desperate criminal is one of the worst kinds.

We would imagine that tonight, the tension is going to reach an entirely new level as some of these characters do whatever they can to emerge from the metaphorical rubble in one piece. There are countless hurdles that still lie ahead for Jenny and Cassie both, so let’s hope they are able to get some answers sooner rather than later.

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