NCIS season 18: Will we get Sloane, Gibbs clarity before Maria Bello exit?

NCIs season 15 finaleWe know at this point that we’re nearing the end of Maria Bello’s time on NCIS. While Tuesday night’s new episode is not going to be the last one featuring her as a series regular, we’re getting near the end of her run.

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Before Maria’s Jack Sloane leaves, we obviously need an explanation as to why she is leaving. Beyond that, though, it’d also be nice to learn a thing or two on the subject of her relationship with Gibbs. What is really going on here? We’ve had a belief that they may have gotten together one Christmas a couple of seasons back, and there’s also the elephant painting that means so much to her. They’ve had moments where it absolutely seems like something is there, but nothing has ever been confirmed.

So will the writers address something between Gibbs and Sloane? We can’t sit here and say that for-sure we’ll get confirmation on what’s been going on with them; but, obviously the writers are aware of the love that’s out there for these characters. If it wasn’t addressed, we’d be shocked. Our expectation is that there will be clarity as to how the two feel about each other, and maybe that turns into hope that they could spend some time together in the future. A goodbye now doesn’t have to be a goodbye forever.

When you historically look back at NCIS exits, they do a reasonably good job of offering up some clarity — even if they do it a little too late. Take, for example, the end of Tony and Ziva’s time together back when Cote de Pablo initially left. Maybe that’s a blueprint here, but it all depends on what direction the writers want to take Slibbs. We’re hopeful there will be something, but we don’t expect it to stretch out over several episodes. After all, Bello is only slated to appear in eight episodes this season … and six have already aired.

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What do you think is going to happen with Gibbs and Sloane on NCIS season 18?

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