NCIS: Los Angeles season 12 episode 10: The extent of Kam’s crisis

NCIS: Los AngelesJust in case you wanted a sense of how bad things are for Sam Hanna’s daughter on NCIS: Los Angeles season 12, we now have that for you.

The image above is a newly-released one from the upcoming “The Frogman’s Daughter” episode airing on Sunday, February 14, and it gives you a sense that Kam is in big trouble. She’s being held in what could very well be a makeshift prison, at least if the bars are any indication. Given that she’s not hurt, it’s clear that this is either a ransom situation or her captors have some other purpose in mind.

So what could it be? That’s where things get a little bit hazy. We know that the easy assumption to make here is that the person/people responsible for this are doing it in order to hurt Sam, but is that really the case? The promo (see it over here) for this episode does indicate that Kam may have a lot of secrets of her own, ones that her father doesn’t know that much about. We don’t know how any of them could lead to her getting in this position, but that’s something to be aware of entering this episode, as well.

For LL Cool J’s character, you’re going to see here a stop-at-nothing approach in order to both find her and ensure that she is okay. We know that Sam is determined; we also know that he’s lost a loved one before in Michelle. When you consider that, you know the sort of situation he’s dealing with mentally. The question we have is this: Will he compromise himself in a mission to save his daughter? At least he’ll have all of his team backing him up.

Also, remember this: Kam is no wallflower. We gotta think that she’ll do what she can from afar in order to help her situation, as well.

What do you most want to see on NCIS: Los Angeles season 12 episode 10?

Do you think that Sam’s daughter Kam will emerge from this in one piece? Be sure to share right now in the comments, and stick around — more news is on the way. (Photo: CBS.)

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