Big Sky episode 7: Is Ronald’s mom Helen dead, Valerie Mahaffey leaving?

Big SkyEntering Big Sky episode 7 on ABC Tuesday night, we knew that there was a chance for some enormous events to take place. That is especially the case when you think about Ronald. We’re talking here about a guy who is enormously desperate. He wants to escape his situation, especially when so many people are focusing on him as a kidnapper. He can also pin down Legarski further, which everyone is desperate to do.

So who chose to finally turn on him tonight? His own mother Helen, who found herself on the receiving end of tonight’s most shocking move. The moment that she told Ronald she was planning to turn her into the police, he decided that he needed to stop her. To be specific, he killed her. Is the character really gone? We have to assume so judging from the way that he left her — this does not feel like another Rick Legarski situation.

As for whether or not this means that Valerie Mahaffey is leaving Big Sky for good, that situation is a little bit more complicated. We know that Ronald is a particularly troubled individual, and because of that, we have to imagine there’s a chance he could envision his mother in his mind. The Norman Bates comparisons have been there with this guy for a while, and we have a hard time thinking that they are going anywhere moving forward.

The challenge for Jenny and Cassie moving forward is pretty simple: Trying to figure out a way to actually stop Ronald. He paid Legarski’s wife a visit at the end of the episode, and Jenny and Cassie seemed to be on the road towards taking him down. Unfortunately, we don’t think that things are going to be anywhere near that simple. They rarely ever are. If we had to look into our crystal ball, there’s a chance he will escape and the cat-and-mouse game will continue.

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