9-1-1 season 4: New promo teases 9-1-1: Lone Star crossover event

9-1-1Tomorrow night on Fox, it’s finally here — the 9-1-1 / 9-1-1: Lone Star crossover that you’ve been hearing so much about. Is it going to be worth all of the hype? We sure hope so!

For the time being, what we have to better get you excited is the newly-released promo featuring characters from both shows interacting briefly. The crossover will be set up at the end of Monday’s 9-1-1, and from there Buck, Eddie, and Hen will be off to Texas. Will they be welcomed there? Absolutely, but there will also be some judgment. As someone who lived in Texas for more than two decades, we’ve seen some of that first-hand — people call you “Hollywood” when you’re from Southern California and they think that you live the easy life.

Because of all of this, we’re sure that there is going to be a part of this upcoming episode where you see these characters having to do their part in order to prove themselves. We’re sure that the Lone Star team will come around to them soon enough — in a lot of ways, they have to! Just remember the sort of high stakes that the whole team is going to be presented with during this episode! There had to be a disaster at the center of this dangerous enough to merit a crossover in the first place, and an enormous fire at a campground should do the trick.

If there is anything that the 9-1-1 crew should be prepared for, it’s a wildfire: There are countless ones that take place in California. They know the procedures and the best ways to help. The stakes for the disaster will be immense, but let’s be honest: So much of the excitement here is going to revolve around seeing these characters spend time with one another in this setting. It’s a part of what makes these crossovers so special.

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