Power Book II: Ghost season 2 premiere: Will there be a time jump?

Power Book II: Ghost season 1We know that eventually, Power Book II: Ghost is going to premiere on Starz. We may not have all that much of a time frame as of yet, but knowing that it’s coming is at least enough to make us satisfied.

Of course, the super-long hiatus does also put us in a position where we’re left to speculate over a long period of time as to what the story is going to be. For the sake of this article, let’s talk about the idea of a time jump.

Given that many of the show’s lead actors are younger, there is a case to be made to jumping the story forward a few months to at least try and match their age. Maybe things cool off in the immediate aftermath of Tasha going into witness protection and there’s a little less drama. Tariq moves forward in Monet’s operation, he and Brayden make a ton of money doing their business at school, and maybe even Cane decides that he doesn’t want to kill Tariq anymore. Anything is possible, right? This would allow the show to reset a little and move into its own world, as opposed to constantly just having the specter of Ghost breathing down its neck.

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Now, here is the downside to moving forward in this direction: You do run a substantial risk that the killing of Jabari gets diluted. There needs to be weight behind Tariq killing him, and we have a hard time thinking that there would be no significant updates in his death for months at a time. Tariq is still new at this! Would he really be that good at disposing of a body, cleaning the evidence, and making sure nobody at school looks at him the wrong way? There are questions that need to be answered.

It’s with this in mind that we’d prefer a relatively small time jump as opposed to a large one — if the writers go in the direction of the latter, we simply hope they have a good way to explain it.

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Do you think there will be a big time jump heading into Power Book II: Ghost season 2?

Be sure to let us know right now in the comments! We’ll have more updates here throughout the off-season. (Photo: Starz.)

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