Power Book II: Ghost season 2: Who will Tariq face off with next?

Power Book II: Ghost season 1We know we’re going to be waiting a while for Power Book II: Ghost season 2 to premiere, but there’s still a lot to discuss! Take, for example, who could be emerging as the principal villain moving forward.

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The Power universe loves its adversaries, and with Tasha’s trial over, it does leave the door open for new stories and enemies to take center stage. Who could lead the charge as the #1 person Tariq St. Patrick has to take on? Below, we’ve assembled a number of possibilities based on what we’ve seen so far.

Cane – This is the easy choice right now, mostly because we’ve seen this rivalry play out a little bit already. If there is a case to be made for a partnership, though, it’s that Cane seemed to gain some respect for what Tariq did to Jabari. Even if they don’t like each other, they may recognize that they need each other … at least for now.

Carrie – Sure, this is an unconventional choice … but think about this for a minute. She tried to help Tariq throughout season 1, but now knows a good bit more about the Tejada family and what they’re up to. Meanwhile, her relationship with Zeke makes her privy to information, she’s a former prosecutor, and she’ll probably look into what happened to Jabari.

Saxe – Is he really going to give up on trying to nail Tariq or his family? It’s a good question, but if he’s joining the defense, there’s no clear path for his as a chief adversary.

Effie – This one is interesting. She clearly has an attraction towards Tariq, but she has also betrayed him before. Because of this, we have to think that it’s possible she could do it again if it benefits her. She’s going to look out for her own interests and she could put a knife in his back of necessary.

2-Bit – He wants money from Tariq … but we think he’s more likely to join the Tommy spin-off Power Book IV: Force.

Someone new – Power Book II: Ghost is not going to just mimic what we saw over the course of season 1. Instead, they may allow someone new to enter the world and create chaos. If they do this, we hope that they are legitimately terrifying — and not someone who doesn’t hold a candle to Tommy from the finale.

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Who do you want to see as the Big Bad on Power Book II: Ghost season 2?

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