The Bachelor episode 5 spoilers: Will Matt James listen to Katie’s advice?

Matt JamesNext week on The Bachelor episode 5, one of the new themes of this season is about to play a larger role. We’re, of course, talking about the new women who have entered the show at this point. We’ve already seen a lot of drama with the established women; but then, the dynamics of pretty-much everything have changed.

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If there is one thing that we do imagine will blow up very soon, it’s the controversy surrounding what Anna chose to proclaim about Brittany. All of the women have apparently talked with one another about it already, and we imagine that things are going to get heated. For starters, both Anna and Victoria are both still there.

What we didn’t expect was that Katie would choose to address things with Matt James so quickly — or so directly. It speaks a lot to her maturity as a person that she’s willing to put her own chances with Matt on the line for speaking the truth. Typically, the person who tells the truth to the lead ends up getting punished.

Katie told Matt tonight that he needs to address the bullying in the house, and it seems like he’s listening! Everything could change next week as some of the nastier personalities could be filtered out and filtered out fast. Regardless of what happens to Katie, we can’t applaud her enough for being a legitimate good person … and a true Bachelorette contender. There’s fun drama for the sake of TV, and then there’s cruelty. What some women like Victoria and Anna have done is just straight-up cruelty and it’s hard to debate it.

Where do you think things are going entering into The Bachelor episode 5?

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