The Bachelor episode 4: The Brittany – Anna ‘conflict’ goes over the line

The BachelorTonight on The Bachelor episode 4, much of Bachelor Nation wanted the chance to celebrate something glorious — think in terms of Queen Victoria ending her reign of terror.

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Yet, that didn’t happen. She somehow got another rose, even after an epic incident and argument with Katie. Following that, the episode gave us squirrel costumes, pumpkins, and one of the strangest conflicts we’ve ever seen. Let’s talk about Anna and her issue with Brittany. She seemingly knows of Brittany from Chicago, and over the course of the episode she decided to dish out some of the “dirt” that she had on her. To be specific, that she is “entertaining men for money.”

What is her evidence of this? Simple rumors, which stem from her being seen around wealthy men in Chicago. All of this seems rather ridiculous, and for a couple of different reasons. Even if Brittany was having a “transactional relationship” with other people, who are you to judge? Why are we in the business if shaming other people for supposed career choices? Also, who is to say that she has bad intentions going into this show?

Oh, and there’s also the fact that Brittany denied it and was understandably upset that it was even suggested in the first place — especially by someone she’d never even met. (Yes, Anna “knowing” Brittany is really just her hearing about her.) This is one of the worst things to proclaim on a show like this; there is such an unfair stigma out there that this will follow Brittany for the rest of her life, and really, there was no need to talk about it at all.

If Anna had just chosen to give her confession to the camera and no one else, that’d be one thing — yet, she decided to tell Victoria of all things. Why do that? You knew that this was going to come back and cause some chaos.

What do you think about the Anna – Brittany situation on The Bachelor?

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