The Resident season 4 episode 3 video: Can Barrett Cain be saved?

The ResidentThe Resident season 4 episode 3 is poised to arrive on Fox in just a matter of days, and the central struggle at this point is clear. It revolves around the doctors at Chastain doing whatever they can in order to save one of their own.

As the promo below reveals, Barrett Cain recognizes that there is a car accident and after the fact, he does what he can in order to be a hero. It’s an admirable act for someone who is not always an admirable guy, but in doing this, Cain also puts his own life in jeopardy.

While it’s true that Cain hasn’t exactly been the nicest to the other doctors at Chastain, there won’t be any hesitation to save his life: These are the sort of people these doctors and nurses are. There won’t be any element of surprise with their efforts. The question becomes whether or not Barrett actually survives the efforts to save him and, beyond that, what happens if he does survive. Will his attitude to the other doctors change? Will he even stay at Chastain long-term? The reason we pose the latter question is because it feels like the Red Rock regime could be coming to a close … with the operative word being “could.” We don’t want to think that anything is assured.

This episode is of course going to be a foundational one for the rest of the season, and this is without even mentioning the fact that Nic is now pregnant. This is a fundamental change for her and Conrad so early in their marriage, so what will the early days of this be like. How will their story develop? That is something we are eager to see play out throughout the weeks ahead.

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