9-1-1 season 4 episode 2 video: Will Athena survive the latest rescue?

9-1-19-1-1 season 4 episode 2 is kicking off with a single disaster at its core: A dam breaking. This is leading to massive mudslides, and that includes the one taking place at the Hollywood sign.

You’ve seen at least the structure of some of these episodes many times over: Something terrible happens, and it’s up to the first responders in order to ensure that everyone gets out alive. So what makes this particular event different? It’s a little more personal when it comes to the people in danger. Take, for example, what we’re seeing with Athena.

The end of the promo below tries its best to tease that Angela Bassett’s character is in serious danger. Is she really? The odds are pretty low in our mind, but good on the producers for giving us a serious sense of anxiety. Why would this show want to write off one of their biggest stars in the second episode of the season? We know that these jobs are dangerous and anything can happen … but that doesn’t mean anything will.

Beyond the disaster at the core of this episode, the other thing that we are the most excited to see is Maddie and Chimney’s relationship continue to develop. She is getting set to give birth soon, and that of course leads to a certain degree of fear. Yet, they are working to take a lot of that on together; there is so much story to tell with these two characters moving forward.

The last thing worth noting about this episode in advance comes courtesy of the title itself: “Alone Together.” What in the world does that mean? It could be a reference to the pandemic, and the idea that we are all working to find community in different ways than before.

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