The Bachelor episode 4 sneak peek: Ben Higgins offers Matt James advice

Matt JamesThis season of The Bachelor has more in common with The Bachelorette than just a bubble environment. You’re also going to see contestants from seasons’ past do their best to offer some advice.

In the new video below, Matt James gets a surprise visit from none other than former lead Ben Higgins — otherwise known as one of the better leads in recent memory. He’s someone who seemed to understand the process really well, and he’s active enough in Bachelor Nation to understand how the franchise has evolved these past few years.

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Is he really going to be able to help Matt? That’s the real question we’ve got since he’s facing a situation that Ben never dealt with — having multiple women show up after a Rose Ceremony, and get out of a limo almost as though it is night one. What do you say to that? Ben does give the best advice he can; we’re not sure we’d say too much else that is different. For Matt, it has to be about leading with honesty and respecting the feelings of the women who are already there. Don’t neglect them, but also make it clear that you want to give these new women a chance if you see something there. Some may not like it, but at least you aren’t misleading anyone or allowing them to have false hope you’re sending them all home immediately.

Do we think that a couple of the newcomers will go home right away? Sure — that happens often with this franchise! There still could be one or two, though, who end up lasting for a good while. Time will tell.

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