The Bachelor episode 4 spoilers: Victoria tries to come at Katie (and fails)

VictoriaSo far through three episodes of The BachelorVictoria has established herself as the clear villain of the season. She’s plotted against other contestants, proclaimed herself a Queen, and also inexplicably received roses from Matt James. Unless there are some serious strings being pulled here, said roses will remain one of the most befuddling things that we’ve had a chance to experience with this show.

One of the tactics that we’ve seen so far from Victoria is her picking a woman in the house to target, only for said woman to eventually be eliminated. First, it was Marylynn and she didn’t receive a rose. Then, it was Sarah, who eventually quit to be back with her family. Is Katie next on her list? It feels that way, but it’s also pretty clear at this point that her strategy isn’t going to work on her in the same way we’ve seen it so far,

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In a sneak peek over at Entertainment Weekly, you can see Victoria try to demand an apology over Katie shutting her down on a group date. Why did Katie do that? It may have a thing to do with Victoria claiming that “the trash took itself out” in relation to Sarah. So Victoria was being mean and Katie told her. Sound the alarms! It sounds mostly like Katie was being a good person; she was there for Sarah on this past episode, even though she didn’t have to be and there was tension between them earlier. There’s just a maturity with her that is different from everyone else on the show, and this is absolutely not something we expected with the way she was edited in the first episode.

As a matter of fact, if Victoria finds a way to eliminate Katie much of Bachelor Nation could be booing at the television. Katie may be a legitimate Bachelorette contender — right now, she and Abigail are the two that immediately come to mind, provided neither one of them wins. It’s just SO satisfying seeing Victoria not get her way with someone.

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