The Bachelor episode 4 spoilers: Matt James’ new arrivals; big allegations

Matt JamesThe Bachelor episode 4 is a mere matter of days away, and clearly, the producers want this to be as bizarre a TV event as humanly possible. How else do you explain some of the previews that are out there?

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If you watched the initial promo on Monday night, then you saw already the allegations that one of Matt James’ new arrivals (multiple women are showing up) may be an escort. Meanwhile, Anna specifically mentions in a new People Magazine video that someone is “entertaining men for money.” What in the world?

First of all, how would Anna even know this? Is this one of those super-strange situations where she knows this contestant from the outside world? Did someone implant weird information in her head? If you’re making allegations like this on the show, you better have receipts first and foremost — also, why is it anyone’s else business what one of the women has done in their past? People who pass around intel on other contestants rarely do well on this show.

Given the way that information moves within the world of The Bachelor, we’re sure that this will eventually find its way to Matt and he can figure out what he wants to do. Probably the weirdest thing of all here is that Victoria, who is the #1 source for almost any and all drama this season, doesn’t seem to be involved in this. Is this all so crazy than even she is like “yea, I’m gonna sit this one out”? We’ll learn in a matter of days…

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