The Rookie season 3 episode 4 promo: Did Nolan’s mom get scammed?

We know that The Rookie season 3 episode 4 is going to continue the critical arc established with Jackson West, and also force Sergeant Grey to make some big decisions about his future.

Yet, the promo for Sunday’s episode chooses to hype up a very different story — one that is directly tied to John Nolan himself. In the video below, Nathan Fillion’s character learns that his mom may have been scammed into selling some defective product, one that is causing a lot of her clients (including some cops) to develop a rash. That’s a problem, and one he looks to resolve. He and Grey look to bust the people responsible — and oddly, they seem more concerned about the two cops being “old” than the fact that their entire operation could be shut down.

For those of you who wanted a better sense of Nolan’s mom after her introduction, this episode should do the trick. Clearly, she thought she was getting a great deal and was convinced this was a chance to make a pile of money; yet, she’s got herself a pile of problems instead. Nolan has to help clean this up, and this goes alongside the cavalcade of other issues he is currently dealing with. Think along the lines of his challenged position in the LAPD and understanding what his own future on the force could look like.

This promo serves as a strong reminder that even though The Rookie is going to be taking on some serious subjects over the coming weeks, it’s also not looking to veer away from the show it’s been through the first two seasons. There will still be comedy; this is some of what Fillion does best as an actor, so the writers don’t just want to retreat from that entirely.

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Have any particular expectations as we prepare for The Rookie season 3 episode 4?

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