MacGyver season 5 episode 6: Is something brewing with Mac, Riley?

MacGyverIn a lot of ways, MacGyver season 5 episode 6 is going to be known as the quarantine episode. That makes sense given the setting and pretty-much ALL of the content.

For fans of Mac and Riley, however, there was a little something more here. The elements of a love triangle have been there for a while; tonight was when they were brought into the forefront in a big, pretty-darn-obvious way. Bozer was the one who seemed to be right in the middle of everything — Riley and Mac somewhat-confided in him, but we don’t get the sense anything is pressing forward. Tonight’s revelations were at the acknowledgment phase, as opposed to the “I really gotta act on these feelings” phase.

When it comes to Riley, she recognizes that there is still something between Mac and Desi and doesn’t want to wreck that — it’s why she is holding back. Basically, she’s doing what she can to be a good friend. It doesn’t change her own feelings, but she knows that getting in between two other people could create a messy situation. What she doesn’t realize is that Mac also brought up to Bozer a “moment” that he had with Riley — clearly, he knows that there is something there, too.

Don’t expect any super-fast movement on this love triangle anytime soon; it’s going to be more of a crawl than anything. The next couple of episodes were actually filmed long before tonight’s installment, so they won’t be pushing the narrative forward — at least on this subject. If we were to look into our TV crystal ball right now, we’d project that this is some sort of season-long arc. It’s hard to imagine it being over; this is the relationship definition of “it’s a marathon, not a sprint.”

For now, isn’t it at least nice that the show is saying what has been there for a good while?

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