NCIS season 18 episode 6 photo: Gibbs is on the hunt…

NCISNCIS season 18 episode 6 is one of those hours with two separate but important challenges — each should be fantastic in their own way.

Let’s start things off here with Gibbs. Odds are, you saw this past episode. He shot Timothy McGee — ironically in order to keep him from dying. A good percentage of Tuesday’s episode will be spent watching Mark Harmon’s character reconcile this relationship. We’ve already seen in some other photos that McGee will survive the shooting — and they’ll have some conversations as a result of all that.

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The new photo above raises some other questions about Mark Harmon’s character — what is he up to with this Sheriff? Odds are, this doesn’t have all that much to do with McGee and his condition. Instead, he may be on the hunt for Bishop and Torres. In some of the promos that are out there already for this episode, we’ve learned that these two characters find themselves trapped in a prison. They are doing what they can in order to escape with a bomb tick-ticking away.

Can Gibbs find the two in time? It’s possible, but we envision it in our head as more of a team effort. It’s going to take a lot for him to pinpoint where they are, while Bishop and Torres pull double-duty of trying to save themselves from the bomb and also get out of jail (or at least a cell — not like there’s an arrest here). Maybe along the way the two can talk about their feelings — that has to be a subtext to this whole story. Why else pair the two up by themselves?

What did you think Gibbs is up to on NCIS season 18 episode 6?

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