NCIS season 18 episode 6 promo: Bishop & Torres, you need to talk…

NCISFollowing last night’s two-hour NCIS event, the top priority has to be McGee’s condition. How can it not be? We gotta know how he’s doing (presuming of course he’s alive), and whether or not he’s able to understand what Gibbs did. We think that he will, but that doesn’t mean he’ll just wake up and instantly be okay with getting shot by his boss.

Once some of that is settled, we can get to some of the other good stuff — which could include a visit to Ellick Avenue! We’ve been joking with the term as a reference to the Bishop/Torres relationship, which luckily seems to be moving in a positive direction based on what we saw last night. Did anyone else catch how elated Torres was when he learned Bishop wasn’t on that plane? There’s never been a better time for the two to just admit their feelings, whether it be in the aftermath of that or what is coming on next week’s “1mm.”

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Let’s set the table for a moment — Wilmer Valderrama and Emily Wickersham’s characters are working on a case together. They are separated from the rest of the team in the process of looking for some dangerous explosives; to make matters worse, Vance isn’t able to track them. The mission leads to the two of them being trapped in an old prison, unable to ensure their safety and with a literal ticking time-bomb hovering over them.

Step one here is clear: Don’t die. Step two? Somewhere along the way here, why not admit you’re into each other? What better time than the present? You can’t accuse producers of rushing things along (we’ve been teased about this will-they-or-won’t they forever), and while we get that NCIS isn’t a romantic comedy and Gibbs has a laundry list of rules, some are meant to be broken. Plus, Jethro’s been in more of a rule-breaking mood ever since the events of “She” a couple of years back. Seize the moment, Ellick!

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