NCIS season 18 episode 6 spoilers: Will Gibbs, McGee patch things up?

NCIS season 15 episode 2 photoEntering NCIS season 18 episode 6, it’s clear we are in uncharted waters for Gibbs and McGee. It’s also now clear whether or not Tim survived the shooting at his boss’ hand.

The photo at the bottom of this article shows Mark Harmon and Sean Murray on Tuesday night’s new episode “1mm,” and it’s clear that Tim is in reasonably-good shape. Sure, he still has his arm in a sling, but given what happened to him and how he looked in the hospital, things could’ve been SO much worse. It’s fair to expect he’ll be back to work in no time, if he isn’t already back at the time in which this photo is set.

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At this point, we don’t project that McGee’s big problem will be physical as he recovers; instead, it is recovering from the mental anguish of being shot by someone he loves and trusts. Will he understand why Gibbs did what he did? Absolutely. Tim is no idiot, and he’ll recognize that had he gotten onto that plane, there’s a good chance he would have died. Yet, Gibbs also could’ve killed him. All it would’ve taken was a bullet landing in the wrong spot — sure, Jethro’s a marksman like no other, but he’s also not Superman. It may take Tim some time to get over this; can you really blame him?

While Gibbs and McGee navigate this emotional crisis, remember that Tuesday’s “1mm” will also feature Bishop and Torres in their own life-or-death crisis. They are trapped in a prison, in danger of being blown to bits by a homemade bomb. To make matters worse, the rest of the team seemingly doesn’t know where they are! For more on this crisis, be sure to check out the promo over here.

Will NCIS season 18 episode 6 lead to healing for Gibbs and McGee?

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